by Meghan Nicholson, CMT, Reiki Master

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to help stimulate health, recovery, and relaxation for the body and mind. Essential oils are natural extracts from seeds, roots, stems, flowers, leaves and the bark of plants. The two most common methods of using essential oils are topically and aromatically. Topical use of essential oils quickly absorb into the skin and spread through the body via the bloodstream, offering full body benefits, immune support, and immediate comfort. To use essential oils aromatically, they are inhaled through the nose stimulating the limbic system in our brain promoting relaxation in our bodies while calming our emotions. When essential oils are used, both topically and aromatically, during a treatment session, we call this aromatherapy. Specific oils are selected for their benefits to best help you reach your personal health goals for the session. At Thrive Wellness, we only use pure essential oils for therapeutic and professional application.

Ask your practitioner how essential oils can help you reach your optimal health.