At Thrive Wellness we strive to offer you therapeutic choices that improve your health. While supported in a safe, comfortable environment, our psychological services offer you guidance in overcoming life’s challenges. Following an individualized treatment approach, you will develop skills and strategies to create more clarity, understanding, and perspective in your life.

Chronic Pain | Depression & Anxiety | Sports Psychology & Performance | Immigration Evaluations | Cultural Diversity

Dr. Carson is a clinical psychologist focused on helping you discover a more fulfilling life. Her background and experiences – both personal and professional – have influenced her compassionate, forthright approach. In therapy she will take a non-judgmental position and identify how to find the improvements you desire.

Dr. Carson has experience in a variety of settings:

  • Biopsychosocial pain rehabilitation facility (individual and group therapy)
  • Catholic Charities Clinical Services (outpatient therapy with adults and children, and psychoeducational and immigration assessments)
  • UCSD (working with individuals suffering from chronic pain, cancer, and severe burns, in addition to assessing transplant patients)
  • Elementary, junior high, and high schools (supporting children with academic, social, and developmental issues, as well as conducting assessments for disabilities)
  • Children’s Hospital in Bellevue, Washington (working with children and families, with specialty in serving those affected by autism spectrum disorders)
  • Homeless outreach clinic (case management services)
    Behavioral consultation in group homes and day programs (with individuals with developmental disabilities)

Areas of Specialty:

Chronic Pain
Dr. Carson has developed a pain management specialization working with individuals suffering with chronic pain. Thrive Wellness provides a perfect environment for holistic treatment where psychological skill building can be provided in conjunction with rehabilitative fitness training services, acupuncture, nutrition, and massage. A treatment approach for chronic pain that addresses the mind and the body is the gold standard.

Depression and Anxiety
Whether an acute depression and/or anxiety experience or a long-term issue, supporting your needs is critical. Dr. Carson is well versed in traditional psychological techniques, but is also interested in being creative in how to provide a therapeutic experience, which may include therapy in nature, the use of art, and/or breathing and meditation techniques.

Sports Psychology and Performance
Dr. Carson works with athletes to develop focus and confidence in their sporting events. You will form a full-proof performance plan for competitions, whether you are a professional or recreational athlete striving for more.

Immigration Evaluations
Dr. Carson has evaluated several immigration cases for extreme hardship, asylum, T-visas, and U-visas. She understands the difficulty discussing the sensitive life experiences attached to the needed evaluations and provides a safe space for the evaluation.

Cultural Diversity
Dr. Carson has lived and traveled throughout a variety of countries, spending long periods of time in Latin America. Additionally, she has visited parts of Asia and Europe. She understands the cultural differences that can contribute to life in the United States. She is fluent in Spanish.

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