Written by Robin Sol
For many years I convinced myself that headaches and neck pain were just part of living a busy life, of dancing 20 hours a week.  They were the trade-off for cross-country car trips every summer, a concession for on-the-go living.  Having dealt with chronic headaches and neck pain for 20+ years, I can honestly say, life is better without them. So what worked?
  1.  Drinking more water – there’s a definite difference between carrying a water bottle around all day, and actually drinking the water that’s in it.
  2. Cleaning out my diet – losing the processed foods and sugars and making sure each meal is colorful, balanced, and comprised of whole foods.
  3. Staying consistent with exercise – leaving it to the end of the day made it hard to stay consistent so I switched to morning workouts.
  4. Getting enough sleep – 8 hours beats 5 every time.
  5. Doing my daily Symmetry exercises.

Anyone dealing with chronic neck pain and headaches has probably tried #1-4 with varying success, so what about #5?

Symmetry Postural Therapy  is a unique pain management program that uses objective measurements and visual feedback to help balance your body.  Personalized routines are created based on your measurements and are updated every two weeks to account for the changes being made. This process is a neuro-physiological one and generally takes 10-to-16 weeks to become a habit in the body.  The best part is that it sends you home with the tools to help yourself.

Forward Head Posture (FHP), where the head shifts forward is a great example of how problems with your posture can lead to chronic pain cycles.  A Mayo Clinic newsletter from March 2000 reports that FHP leads to long-term muscle strain, headaches, disc herniation, arthritis, degenerative disc disease and pinched nerves.  Due to the effects of gravity, for every inch that the head moves forward, the relative weight of the head doubles. To keep you from face-planting, the body will compensate, a sweet gesture, but generally just compounds the problem.  Everyone has their own variation but in general the pattern goes like this:


As you can see each compensatory action leads to another compensation and depending on your personal musculoskeletal make-up and history of injuries or traumas, this chain can have minor to devastating consequences.  Every shift, every imbalance in our body has the potential to cause physical (and emotional) disruptions.

Curious what kind of shifts your body may be making to compensate for the long hours you have to spend at a desk, the repetitive use patterns you use at work or the gym, injuries (old or new) that didn’t get the rehab they may have needed?  Schedule a Symmetry Postural Therapy session and find out how correcting your posture can help create balance for you.















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