Thrive Wellness believes that developing and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle may require additional support.  The following recommended products offer holistic supplementation that will assist in prevention of disease and to help preserve an active and energetic lifestyle.


Wellevate Online Store

Wellevate is dedicated to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements and support to the integrative healthcare community.  As a partner, Thrive Wellness offers specific functional medicine supplements through Wellevate. 

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Our Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine analyzes your body composition, cellular function, fluid levels, and caloric requirements. Research has shown that body composition and a normal distribution of tissue and fluid in the body correlates directly to a continuum of health, ranging from mortality and morbidity to immunity, longevity, high function, and athletic performance. Contact us today and see how your test and results will help design an exercise and nutrition program specific to your physical requirements.

Identi-T™ Personalized Stress Reduction Program

This personalized stress reduction program assesses your unique “fight or flight” response to stress. After identifying your stress type, we recommend specific stress relief techniques, alternative medicine treatments, diet tips, and nutritional regimens to help reduce your disruptive, physiological reactions and emotions. Fill out and save the Stress Assessment Questionnaire and contact us with your results.