We are loving zucchini or summer squash right now.  Grill it, chop it, or spiral-ize it, any way is good for us.  However, we are using our spiralizer for everything right now and it’s a great way to enjoy zucchini.  This side salad is easy, healthy, and yummy!  The zucchini in this salad paired with the pine nuts and parmesan cheese (or pecorino – no lactose) make the dish a complete proteins (all 18 amino acids are present in sufficient amounts) increasing the health of the dish and making it a great snack.  What else could you ask for in a dish?… sweet, salty, sour, and crunch!  Also, we split the olive oil with walnut oil for a slight variation and have used pecans instead of pine nuts.  Give it a try with anything grilled and let us know what you think.